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The Smart Video Marketing Platform For Marketers
Create Videos That Convert, Increase Leads, and Build An Engaged Audience.
  • Save Thousands on Hosting Fees $$$
  • Build Your List 
  • Sell Directly Inside Your Video
  • Amazon s3, RackSpace Files & YouTube Support
  • Takes Surveys Directly Inside Your Video
  • Full Marketing Automation 
  • Built In Encoding!!!!!!!
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Smart Video

Introducing the video player with a brain.  Display different call to actions throughout your video engaging with viewers who are ready to take immediate action so that you capture them in the best possible moment.


Gain more Twitter and Facebook followers with a Share Gate.


Tag places, people or things in your video.


Connect with your favorite payment gateway and sell directly inside your video.


Collect valuable leads and pass them on to your favorite email marketing platform.


Gain feedback from your audience.


Display custom content inside or outside of your video


Don’t put the cart before the horse with call-to-action buttons that appear at the right time.
Takes Sales Directly Inside Your Video
  • Sell Your Physical or Digital Book
  • Sell Access To View Your Video
  • Sell Access To Your Membership Site
  • Sell Access To Your Small Physical Product
  • Sell Access To Local Clients For Website Reviews
  • VideoFund (CrowdFund) Your Next Cool Idea
Complete Video Customization

You can customize every aspect of your video from the control bar to the colors.  There are tons of customization offers inside of your account.

Collect Leads Directly Inside Your Video
  • Build Your List
  • Require viewers to subscribe before you will show them the content
  • Allow visitor to subscribe after viewing the content
  • You can show the CTA before, during, or at the end of the video

Don't see your integration? We guarantee to add it within two weeks of request: team@optimizeplayer.com

200% Optin Increase After Implementing
The OptimizePlayer Optin CTA
Protect Your Content

Restrict access to the domains your video can be played on preventing unwanted sharing of your content.

Built In Video Encoding

No more handbrake needed!  OptimizePlayer handles all of the encoding directly inside of the platform.  Optimizing your video for the fastest playback for your viewers without compromising quality.

Some of the internet's most trusted marketers use video to grow their business
Works On All Devices

OptimizePlayer is fully responsive and plays back on all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Gather Feedback Directly Inside Video
  • Ask your customers what other courses they might want to see from you
  • Quiz users about the content they are watching
  • Gather feedback about new content
  • Ask Simple No & Yes Questions to give you better insight into what viewers really 
  • Engage with viewers and get feedback immediately
No Ads or Competitor Videos

We never display ads on your videos or competitor related videos once they video ends.  Keep control of your audiences attention to drive more sales.

Facebook Sharing 

OptimizePlayer videos play directly inside of Facebook so that you can expand your audience and your content in our avenues.

Twitter Share Gate

Require your users to share your video on Twitter before they can watch the content.  Your video is then directly shared inside of Twitter cause a viral effect.
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Advanced Analytics

How effective is  your video message?

Conversion Tracking

Find out which videos are leading to checkouts, leads, followups, and more.  Conversion tracking is very easy to setup with just a copy and paste of your pixel

CTA Analytics

Detailed information into each of your sales, leads, surveys, and CTA information so you can make better business decisions.

Realtime Video HeatMaps

Find out where and when each of your viewers is dropping off, engaging, skipping, and completely watching your videos in real-time so that you can make better marketing decisions regarding the effectiveness of your message.

Smart Video Features 
Allow your visitors to resume the video where they left off or to start it from the beginning reducing user frustration and complaints. Have you ever watched Netflix, left then came back? What if they made you watch the video all the way from the beginning each time?
If a viewer has already subscribed, purchased, filled out a survey they don't want to do it again. The SmartCTA feature prevents CTAs that don't apply anymore from appearing
Only play the video when it is in view. People are easily distracted with a million things at a time. You can configure SmartView to pause the video once the video is out of the user view and resume playing once they have the video back in focus.
Unannounced Bonuses
Bonus #1: OptimizePlayer Stats App ($300/yr Coming Soon)
  • Will only be offered to OptimizePlayer Monthly Subscribers but with your purchase today you will get access for no charge when it is launched
  • Check your OptimizePlayer Stats on the go on your iPhone
  • Multi Account Support
Grab the Plan that Fits Your Needs!
Claim Your OptimizePlayer Software Right Now
Special Pricing Available for a Limited Time!
Optimizeplayer SELF HOSTED
  • Amazon s3 Integration
  • YouTube Integration
  • Video Encoding
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • Ability to take Payment Inside Your Video
  • Ability To take surveys inside your Video
  • Ability to Collect Leads Inside Your Video
  • ALL CTAs
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 10 Premium Skins
  • Use On Your Personal & Client Sites

OptimizePlayer - Video Marketing, Hosting & Analytics Platform
optimizeplayer HOSTED
  • Amazon s3 Integration
  • YouTube Integration
  • Video Encoding
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • 25GB OptimizePlayer Hosting Bandwidth
  • Ability to take Payment Inside Your Video
  • Ability to take surveys inside your video
  • Ability to collect leads inside your video
  • All CTAs
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 10 Premium Skins
  • Use On Personal & Client Sites
OptimizePlayer Bundle
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We also pride ourselves in after sale support - take at look at our current stats yourself
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
We’re so absolutely sure that OptimizePlayer will help your online business that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason OptimizePlayer does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund your money. Give OptimizePlayer a Try right now!

You have nothing to lose!
What is the difference between the self hosted offer and the hosted offer?
With the self hosted offer you must host your videos using Amazon s3, RackSpace Cloud Files or YouTube.  With the Hosted Plan we offer you 25GB of hosting each month. No need to worry about where to host your files.
Is this a WordPress Plugin?
No, OptimizePlayer is a complete video marketing platform provided via the SaaS model.  There is nothing to install or host.  We handle everything for you.
Will this work on any website?
Yes, you can embed the videos onto any website with no problems.
Can I install this on my own website?
No, this is a software as a service offer so there is nothing to install on your own website or server.  We do this so we can maintain the level of fast video playback we strive to achieve.
Do I have to host my videos with you?
No, we offer a hybrid hosting model.  You can host with us or connect Amazon s3 or RackSpace.  You can even use your YouTube Videos. We offer two separate plans so you can make the decision.
How much bandwidth do I get with this offer.
Our hosted plan comes with 25GB of bandwidth each month.  Should you need more bandwidth, you would be able to upgrade your plan or stay on your current plan using a pay as you go model for each GB you go over.  
Are we able to use Amazon s3, RackSpace Cloud Files or YouTube if we are on the hosted plan?
Yes hosted users get the best of both worlds.

Have Questions? Email Us: team@optimizeplayer.com

To Your Success

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